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— Publications —

ANSI Language Standards
  • Information Technology – Programming Language – PL/B.  1994.
    ANSI INCITS 238-1994 (R1999)  (formerly ANSI X3.238-1994 (R1999)). 
    [ Available here:  www.ANSI.org ]

    This ANSI standard specifies the form and establishes the interpretation of programs written in the PL/B Programming Language (formerly known as DATABUS).  The standard is designed to promote portability of PL/B programs among a variety of data processing systems and environments.  It is intended for use by implementers.  Dan was a member of X3J15 (the ANSI technical committee that developed the standard) and is co-author of the resulting publication.

ESA Study Projects
  • Mohammed GH, Colombo R, Moreno J, van der Tol C, Rascher U; Ač A, Alonso L, Celesti M, Cogliati S, Damm A, Fawcett D, Gomez-Dans J, Henry C, Lewis P, MacBean N, Magnani F, Malaprade J, Matveeva M, Olejnícková J, Pernokis D, Pinto F, Raddi S, Rajh Vilfan N, Rivera JP, Rossini M, Sabater N, Schickling A, Tenjo C, Verhoef W, Verrelst J, Servera JV; and Drusch, M. 2016.  2014 FLEX/Sentinel-3 Tandem Mission FLEX Bridge Study.  European Space Agency. ESTEC Contract No. 000112341/14/NL/FF/gp, Final Report, January 2016. 187 p. + CD/DVD.
    [ Read the REPORT ]   [ Visit the FB Study Project Web Site ]
  • Mohammed G, Ač A, Daumard F, Drusch M, Gallé A, Goulas Y, Magnani F, Malenovský Z, Moreno J, Olejnícková J, Pernokis D, Rascher U, Rivera JP, van der Tol C, Verhoef W, Verrelst J, and Volta, A. 2014.  FLEX/Sentinel-3 Tandem Mission Photosynthesis Study – An investigation of steady-state chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis in terrestrial vegetation.  5th International Workshop on Remote Sensing of Vegetation Fluorescence, Paris, France, 22-24 April 2014.
    [ Visit the Workshop Web Site ]
  • Mohammed GH, Goulas Y, Magnani F, Moreno J, Olejnícková J, Rascher U, van der Tol C, Verhoef W; Ač A, Daumard F, Gallé A, Malenovský Z, Pernokis D, Rivera JP, Verrelst J; Drusch M. 2014.  2012 FLEX/Sentinel-3 Tandem Mission Photosynthesis Study.  European Space Agency. ESTEC Contract No. 4000106396/12/NL/AF, Final Report, July 2014. 159 p. + CD/DVD.
    [ Read the Final Report HERE ]   [ Visit the PS Study Project Web Site ]

    Dan edited several of the interim reports and components of the Final Project Reports.  He was responsible for production of the Technical Data Packages (project final submissions and interactive archives on DVD).  He also designed and maintained the project web sites.
    [ Visit the PS Study project web site HERE ]   [ Visit the FLEX Bridge project web site HERE ]

    ESA has announced that the FLuorescence EXplorer (FLEX) will be their eighth Earth Explorer. [ Read the details HERE ]   [ Visit ESA's official FLEX Mission Page ]

The Canadian NTFP Business Companion
  • Mohammed, Gina H. 2011.  The Canadian NTFP Business Companion: Ideas, Techniques and Resources for Small Businesses in Non-Timber Forest Products & Services.  Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario): Candlenut Books, ISBN: 978-0-9731097-2-6 (CD-ROM)
    [ More details HERE ]
NTFP CD/DVD Cover Dan did the technical production work for the Companion, which included page layouts; gathering & editing photographs; arranging permissions & licensing for the use of copyrighted & trademarked materials; designing packaging & labels; and the myriad of publishing details.  He also took many of the photographs & video clips used in the publication.  Dan now handles sales & distribution of the product.
[ Preview it HERE ]  [ Purchase it HERE ]