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Professional Accomplishments

Scientific Advisory Work
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    • Reviewer for a variety of government publications.
    • Project Scientist European Space Agency (ESA)
      • Development of a Vegetation Fluorescence Canopy Model (FluorMod)
      • Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) satellite mission, aka Earth Explorer 8
      • Project manager for the FLEX/Sentinel-3 Tandem Mission Photosynthesis Study
      • Project manager for the FLEX Bridge Study
    • ESA's Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) Satellite Mission
      • Mission Advisory Group (MAG) team member
      • Presentation panel participant at ESA's Earth Explorer 8 User Consultation Meeting
    • Ontario Industrial Uses for Renewable Resources Committee member.
    • Science Advisor to the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) Project: Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Performance of Northern Ontario Trees, to transfer fluorescence technology.
    • Member of the Nursery Problem Advisory Team to provide on-site trouble-shooting and science advice to field clients and government & private nurseries.
    • Advisor to Forest Research Advisory Council of Canada on aspects of how to integrate young scientists into Canada's forestry research.
    • Reviewer of Ontario and Canadian research grant proposals.
    • Reviewer of U.S. federal grant proposals.
    • Reviewer of earth science research proposals for NASA.
    • Scientific Advisor and Member, Board of Directors Lakehead University Seedling Technology Research Cooperative (LUSTR), to advise private nurseries and forest product companies on scientific research and new product development.
    • Sault College GIS Specialist Program Advisory board member.
    • Chair, Canadian Tree Physiology Award Committee Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists.
    • Reviewer for various scientific journals including:
      • Remote Sensing of Environment
      • New Forests
      • Canadian Journal of Forest Research
      • Plant Cell Reports
      • Biotechnic & Histochemistry
      • Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture
      • In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Plant
      • Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences
      • Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology
      • Sensors
    • Participant in Canadian Space Agency's meetings on its Long Term Space Plan as it relates to hyperspectral spaceborne technologies and applications in forest condition monitoring.
    • Adjunct Professor University of Waterloo/Biology.
    • Graduate student committees at University of Waterloo, York University, and Royal Roads University.
    • External Examiner Lakehead University, M.Sc. Thesis.
    • Invited Speaker and/or Session Chair at several conferences and seminars.
    • Plant Physiology Expert for CBC Radio's science program Quirks and Quarks.
    • Conference organizer for various forestry and non-timber forest products venues.
    • Conference Science Committee member:
      • 5th International Workshop on Remote Sensing of Vegetation Fluorescence
      • Remote Sensing of Fluorescence, Photosynthesis, and Vegetation Status

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    • Forest Industry Government and private sector
      • Development and application of plant stress testing tools
      • Plant physiology and chlorophyll fluorescence
      • Non-timber forest products
      • Wood fibre opportunities
      • Co-ordination of peer reviews for technical reports
    • Agriculture Government and private sector
      • Methods for early stress detection in crops using chlorophyll fluorescence
    • Environmental Applications
      • Techniques for stress evalution in aquatic plants
      • Bioenergy & biofuels

    Keynote Presentations
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    • Non-Timber Forest Products in Alaska - Hidden Forest Values
      Conference and NTFP tour in Anchorage and Talkeetna, Alaska.
      • Keynote Address:  The hidden face of the forest: Non-timber products and values.  Proc. Non-Timber Forest Products in Alaska Hidden Forest Values, Anchorage, Alaska, November 8-9, 2001: 81-100 (Abstract 3-4).  [ Read it HERE ]
    NTFPs in Alaska Logo
    • Making the Grade
      (IUFRO) - an international symposium on planting stock performance and quality assessment in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.
      • Keynote Address:  The status and future of plant quality assessment.  Proc. Making the Grade: An International Symposium on Planting Stock Performance and Quality Assessment. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, September 11-15, 1994.
      • The Keynote Speaker's Synopsis.  Seedling Physiol. Rep., Winter 1995. pp.2-3
    • Remote Sensing of Fluorescence, Photosynthesis, and Vegetation Status
      (ESA-ESRIN) - International science conference in Frascati, Italy.
      • Keynote Address:  Advances from FLuorescence EXplorer (FLEX) science studies and recommendations for future research.  Proc. Remote Sensing of Fluorescence, Photosynthesis, and Vegetation Status. Frascati, Italy, January 17-19, 2017.

    Other Major Accomplishments
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    • Co-inventor of the Fluoroscein diacetate (FDA) seed viability screening procedure.
    • Founder and Chair Chlorophyll Fluorescence Working Group, an international group of scientists and forestry professionals who are advancing fluorescence technology into areas of stress evaluation and health.  Editor of their bi-annual newsletter.
    • Development and application of GMD nutrient medium for conifer tissue culture, which is now widely used in biotechnological applications around the world.
    • Lead author on the 2019 review of developments in solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) over the past 50 years.  Details
    • Author of "Non-timber forest products in Ontario: An overview" a Forest Research Information paper produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.  Read it HERE
    • Author of "The Canadian NTFP Business Companion" a comprehensive book of NTFP business ideas, practical information, and resources on CD/DVD.  Available for purchase here.  Details
    CD/DVD Cover - The Canadian NTFP Business Companion

    Awards and Special Honours
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    • OFRI Certificate of Recognition for Scientific Achievement for research and co-development of the Fluoroscein diacetate (FDA) seed viability screening procedure (2001).
    • Fellowship from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (Paris) Co-operative Research Program: Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems.  Hosted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Lincoln, Nebraska, March 7-21, 1999.
    • OFRI Certificate of Recognition for Scientific Achievement for contributions to a special issue of New Forests on Making the Grade (1997).
    • 'Best All-Around Scientist' Award Ontario Forest Research Institute (1993).
    • B.C. Chamber of Commerce Award for best new made-in-BC product, awarded to our research group at AgriForest Technologies Ltd. (1986).
    • Featured scientist at EXPO '86 in the British Columbia Pavilion movie, Our B.C. (1986).
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