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The Canadian NTFP Business Companion is an electronic publication that provides business ideas, resources, and advice about entering the exciting field of non-timber forest products.  This software is copyrighted, serialized, and licensed to the purchaser.  Except as permitted by license, the software and its constituent components may not be copied, distributed, installed on a network server, or posted on line.  (Click HERE to see what you get in the Companion.)

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INTERNATIONAL applies to items shipped to an address outside Canada and the United States.  The price of the CD/DVD is $59.95 (Canadian Dollars), including shipping & handling.  (Shipping is by regular mail only.)  Click for an approximate price for your country based on the current real-time currency exchange rate and free shipping.  Purchaser is responsible for any applicable taxes, duties, and customs & import fees.  CD-ROM content may be shipped on CD or DVD at our discretion.

"The Canadian NTFP Business Companion"
CD/DVD:  $59.95 CAD (includes S&H)

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Total Price:  CAD$59.95 per CD  (No tax)

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