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P & M Technologies actively supports and participates in our local Rotary Science Fair.
The 2017 competition was held on March 31st and April 1st at Algoma University's
George Leach Centre.  Here's a look at some of this year's winners and award pics...

Terry's science project, "Essential Oils: Natural Antibiotics",
was an in-depth comparison and analysis of the efficacy
and economics of leaf vs bark cinnamon essential oils.

Korah IB student Terry Bariciak won first-place Senior project,
then wooed the judges to capture First-Place Best of Fair and
earn a trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Regina.

The TENARIS Award — Second-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Jordan Winter

Jordan Winter from Korah Collegiate won Second Place Best of Fair
for her investigation of better/safer ways to control diseases in beehives.
She qualified for a $1000 Admission Scholarship to Algoma University.
And oh-by-the-way she's going to the CWSF for the fourth time!

The Benjamin Cohen Family Memorial Trophy — Third-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Reid Tull

Third Place Best of Fair – the Benjamin Cohen Family Memorial Trophy and its $70 cash award – was won by Reid Tull.
Reid Tull (from RM Moore) defied physics and built a perpetual motion
machine for his third-place Best-of-Fair project.  (If it had worked,
he might have placed first :)  Reid also took home one of two PEO
awards for Excellence in Engineering and placed first overall
in Junior competition.  He's making his first of what may be
many trips to the Canada Wide Science Fair.

Mya St. Jean & Daphné Dupuis
– Hoping for victory...


...and BINGO!  One of two Professional Engineers of Ontario Awards
for their biotech demonstration of microbial fuel cells, first-place
Intermediate project, first Honourable Mention
— and their second ride to the Canada-wide.

One of the special Judges' Awards
– for Excellence in Scientific Communication –
went to Valerie Zimmerman (from Korah C&VS)
for her project on lactase enzymes.

Paige Parker from Grand View won the
Attilio Berdusco Award for Excellence in Health Science
for her heart relaxation routine called "Mindful Minute".
Akansha Seervi from Korah C&VS received a $1000
Admission Scholarship to University of Ottawa for
comparing the iron content of cooked vs raw broccoli.
(But what about broccoli vs donuts?
You can just skip the broccoli... :)

Future lab tech Kendra Favaro was oh-so-close
to winning a couple of awards this year for her
research study of biofilms and sterile technique.
(She attended last year's Canada Wide Science Fair.)

A Few Other Interesting Projects...

image image image image

  • Total of 74 Projects:
  • 44 Junior (Grades 7-8)
  • 15 Intermediate (Grades 9-10)
  • 15 Senior (Grades 11-12)

  • Total of 109 Students:
  • 67 Junior
  • 26 Intermediate
  • 16 Senior

  • 11 schools represented

  • 25 Judges
                (local scientists and
                technical professionals)

  • 4 Projects (5 Students) qualified
              to go to the 2017 CWSF
  • image
    Kendra Favaro, with Daphné Dupuis and Mya St. Jean
    – all entrants to the 2016 Canada Wide Science Fair –
    tell a couple of tall tales to this year's winners and
    about-to-be-named CWSF attendees for 2017.

    The Alfred R. Askin Shields are awarded to the school having the
    best participation and scholarship excellence in each division.

    A few of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Junior):  Grandview Public School.
    St. Mary's College is this year's Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winner for Intermediate.
    Some of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Senior):  Korah Collegiate.

    Then on to winning big at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Saskatchewan...

    Daphné, Reid, Jordan, Mya, and Terry at the University of Regina's famous stainless steel gateway.
    (Photos by Carl Moffatt)
    Three Medals, two Honourable Mentions – and a special
    award – for Reid, Jordan, Terry, Mya, and Daphné.
    Senior CWSF Medal Winners
    Jordan Winter and Terry Bariciak.

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