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P & M Technologies actively supports and participates in our local Rotary Science Fair,
which in 2018 was held on April 13th & 14th at Algoma University's George Leach Centre.
Here are some of this year's awards and winners, along with a few bonus pics...

Shail's science project, "GGATS: GPS Guided Autonomous Transport System",
was a self-powered robot cart that was designed to automatically follow a berry-picker
by using a smart phone to send its GPS coordinates via Bluetooth streaming.
He designed the cart, programmed the GPS app, and wrote code to drive the cart.


Shail Giroux won for First Place JUNIOR – not a bad way to start the day.
Then he cleaned up with several other special awards, including
Excellence in Robotics, Excellence in Engineering & Computer Science,
and (only) one of the two Professional Engineers of Ontario Awards.
Then he went on to win at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa!
And he's only in Grade EIGHT !!

The TENARIS Award — Second-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Mitch Fillmore

image image

Mitch Fillmore from Korah Collegiate took Second Place Best of Fair (left) for investigating the effects
of bromelain enzymes on the hydrolyses of peptide bonds in whey protein, potentially to aid in
absorption of amino acid by the body.  The project was Second Place Senior (right).

The Benjamin Cohen Family Memorial Trophy — Third-Place BEST OF FAIR:
Julie Delorme & Raili Kary


Julie Delorme & Raili Kary from St Mary's College won Third Place Best of Fair
for their study of the Asian longhorned beetle and how to reduce its numbers.
Their project placed First in the Intermediate division and earned them
their first trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa.


Brooke Donelly and Vera Antunes captured Second Place Junior
for their research project, "Let It Snow".  They tested snow
for microplastics and found they are present in various types
in great numbers – and not just in and around urban areas.
The project won Second Honourable Mention here, then
went on to Bronze and a TV interview at the Canada-wide!

Vera & Brooke with their project...
...Second Honourable Mention
(and 5th overall in Best of Fair).

<< Mya St. Jean & Daphné Dupuis from Superior Heights   
won Third-Place Intermediate with their engineering 
project on heat recovery.  But it wasn't quite enough
to return them to this year's Canada-wide in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Ellen Culp and Samantha Moon – also from
Superior Heights – placed 4th in Intermediate, finishing
just a hair behind them and alas out of the winning...


Amelia Spacek from Ecole sec Notre-Dame-des-Grands-Lacs won the special award for Best Use of Mathematics (left)
in her project "Crush This!", where she analysed a way to prevent structural failure of bridges.  The project was
Second-Place Intermediate and then took Third Honourable Mention (right), putting her 6th overall in Best of Fair.

UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS — Olivia Melisek and Julia Casagrande


Olivia Melisek from Korah C&VS received a $1000
Admission Scholarship to University of Ottawa
for her project which looked at the effects of
citric acid on the demineralization of tooth enamel.
(Hint:  You should brush regularly!)


Julia Casagrande from Korah C&VS received a $1000
Admission Scholarship to Algoma University for
her project on how mold is affected by honey and
calcium propionate.  Julia's work was the top
Senior project and First Honourable Mention,
placing 4th overall in Best of Fair.


Some Other Award Winners...


One of the special Judges' Awards
– for Excellence in Scientific Communication –
went to Saurodeep Majumdar (from Korah C&VS)
for his project on generating solar power
from natural anthocyanin dyes.


Sanskruti Patel won Third Place Senior for her
project on how over-fertilization affects
Vitamin C content in wheatgrass.


Twin sisters Erica & Alicia Groot won Third Place Junior
for their project comparing the effectiveness of
home-made remedies to store-bought herbicides.
(Not the first time that twins have won... :)


Daria Humeniuc (from Korah C&VS) collects an award
for Excellence in Engineering from the Professional
Engineers of Ontario.  Her project on innovative
alternative fuels – which analyzed the effect of iron-III
oxide as a catalyst on the combustion rate of
ethanol – demonstrated good scientific method.


Rainbow Assiniwai (from Korah C&VS) captured the Gary
Rahn Memorial Award for Excellence in Natural History.
Her project predicted how road salt affects germination
of seeds and the subsequent growth of the plants.

A Few Other Projects That Caught Our Eye...

image       image       image
image       image       image

  • Total of 86 Projects:
  • 55 Junior (Grades 7-8)
  • 12 Intermediate (Grades 9-10)
  • 19 Senior (Grades 11-12)

  • Total of 129 Students:
  • 92 Junior
  • 18 Intermediate
  • 19 Senior

  • 13 schools represented

  • 25 Judges
                (local scientists and
                technical professionals)

  • 3 Projects (5 Students) were able
              to go to the 2018 CWSF
  • image

    The legendary Jordan Winter – who has haunted the Canada
    Wide Science Fair four times and medalled there twice –
    regales with her experiences and offers some inspiring
    words to the prospective CWSF attendees for 2018.
    Jordan is now a Science Fair judge herself.

    The Alfred R. Askin Shields are awarded to the school having the
    best participation and scholarship excellence in each division.

    A few of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Junior):  Korah Collegiate & Vocational School.
    St. Mary's College is this year's Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winner for Intermediate.
    Some of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Senior):  Korah Collegiate & Vocational School.

    Then getting in the limelight at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in OTT-A-WA...

    Brooke, Vera, Shail, Raili, and Julie at the gateway to Carelton University in Ottawa.
    (Photos by Dave Burritt)
    Future Parliamentarians invade the Capital:
    Vera, Brooke, Julie, Raili, Shail... and Dave.
    Junior CWSF Gold Medalist
    Shail Giroux.
    Bronze Medals for Vera Antunes and Brooke Donelly.

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