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P & M Technologies actively supports and participates in our local Rotary Science Fair,
which in 2015 was held on April 17th & 18th at Algoma University's George Leach Centre.
Here are some of this year's winners along with a few bonus pics...

Emily's science project, "Anti-Bacterial Effects of Tea Tree Oil",
tested how the concentration of this essential oil inhibits
the growth of certain potentially dangerous bacteria.

Emily Elder – Korah IB student, budding scientist, and collector of awards !!
Her project won the TENARIS Award for First Place Senior, and it captured
the Attilio Berdusco Award for Best in Health Sciences to boot.

The TENARIS Award — Second-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Jordan Winter

Jordan Winter from Korah Collegiate won Second Place Best of Fair
for her project on the declining health of bees and steps that can be
taken to mitigate the problems.  Her project also won the
Gary Rahn Memorial Award for Best in Natural History.

The Benjamin Cohen Family Memorial Trophy — Third-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Sarah Gelmych

Third Place Best of Fair – the Benjamin Cohen Family Memorial Trophy and its $70 cash award – was won by Sarah Gelmych.
Sarah's project looked at how anticipation affects
reaction time in competitive swimming.
(Sarah is also an IB at Korah Collegiate.)
Max Fisher & Gavyn McCabe (from Superior Heights)
won for the second year in a row – and Gavyn's
fourth win – for a project on robotics.  Their
First-place Intermediate project discussed how
gear ratios affect motors and earned them the
TENARIS Award for Innovative Use of Robotics.
Tyler Thomlinson & Nicholas Niro figured out how to
win the award for Best Use of Applied Mathematics
for "Bar Down", a speed comparison of shots
using wooden vs. composite hockey sticks.
image     image

Daphné Dupuis and Mya St. Jean showed off their bridge-building skills and were given one of two
Professional Engineers of Ontario Awards for their analysis of bending and flexing in bridge structures.


Jennifer Allick won a Professional Engineers of Ontario Award for construction of a mechanism to test how temperature
affects the speed of a puck.  The project also won the Don Wallace Memorial Award for Second Place Junior.

The Essar Steel Award for Best in Computer Science
was won by Noah Janzen for his investigation of
how temperature affects the diffusion of pigments in tea.
Emma Klooster & Hailee Young from Superior Heights
Collegiate won the Don Wallace Memorial Award for
Second Place Intermediate.  Their non-fattening
project warns us that calories do count!
Gavan Barrett wondered whether reaction was faster
for audio or for visual stimulus.
His project won the TENARIS Award for First Place Junior.

Future engineers Ben Baggs & Neil McKiddie
built a magnetic accelerator.

A Few Other Interesting Projects...



  • Total of 73 Projects:
  • 39 Junior (Grades 7-8)
  • 10 Intermediate (Grades 9-10)
  • 24 Senior (Grades 11-12)

  • Total of 107 Students:
  • 63 Junior
  • 19 Intermediate
  • 25 Senior

  • 8 schools represented

  • 25 Judges
              (local scientists and
              technical professionals)
  • image
    Kara Gruyters & Temeara Barrett, last year's Best-of-Fair
    winners, give words of encouragement to this year's crop
    of competitors, winners, and Canada-wide SF attendees.

    The Alfred R. Askin Shields are awarded to the school having the
    best participation and scholarship excellence in each division.

    image     image
    Some of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Senior):
    Korah Collegiate
    A few of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Junior):
    Grandview Public School
    And Korah Collegiate
    was also this year's Alfred R. Askin
    Shield Award Winner for Intermediate.
    (Their one & only Intermediate entrant
    captured several awards, including
    Second-Place Best-of-Fair.)

    Then on to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in New Brunswick...

    ...Gavan, Jennifer, Jordan, Gavyn, and Max.
    (Photo by Kim Carter)

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