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P & M Technologies actively supports and participates in our local Rotary Science Fair,
which in 2019 was held on April 5th & 6th at Algoma University's George Leach Centre.
Here are some of this year's awards and winners

For their science project, "Under Pressure", Kiera and Lily checked
the ability of people to memorize and recall pre-determined visual information.
Half the subjects were put under time pressure by showing them a clock as
they proceeded to answer simple questions about the information.  The others,
while also being timed, could not see the clock and had no such pressure.

image image

Lily Mick and Kiera Pauze-Reid from Boreal French Immersion felt no pressure at all as
they casually picked up their little award for Third-Place Junior project, "Under Pressure".

But then totally unexpectedly they captured FIRST PLACE BEST-OF-FAIR !!
Now the pressure was on as they competed at the Canada Wide Science Fair
(held in Fredericton NB) where they became Finalists in their Division See below.

The TENARIS Award Second-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Cassandra Carlson

image image

Cassandra Carlson from Korah Collegiate was Second Place Senior (left) for trying to determine whether polyphenolic
compounds can be used to change the way the human body digests protein.  The project won Second Place
Best of Fair (right).  Cassandra was also awarded an Algoma University Admissions Scholarship.

The Benjamin Cohen Family Memorial Trophy Third-Place BEST OF FAIR:  Tori Aikens


Tori Aikens also from Korah Collegiate won Third Place Best of Fair
for testing the effectiveness of three types of hand sanitizer.
Her project placed First in the Senior division and earned her
a chance to attend the Canada Wide Science Fair in Fredericton.

First HONOURABLE MENTION  (Fourth-Place Best of Fair)

image image

Leah Johnstone and Ellery Bowman (from Holy Cross Catholic ES) placed First in Junior division with their project
"A+ Is For Activities" (right).  They looked for a correlation between extracurricular activities and academic
success.  Their E for Effort was enough to stand fourth overall in the Best of Fair competition (left),
winning them their first ride to the Canada Wide (see below), held this year in Fredericton NB.

Second HONOURABLE MENTION  (Fifth-Place Best of Fair)

image image

Ella Haas takes hold of the Don Wallace Award (Second Place Junior, left), then won an Honourable Mention
and an alternate seat to compete at the Canada Wide Science Fair held in Fredericton (right).
Ella's project saucily titled "Teeth vs Drinks" studied erosion of the enamel structure
in teeth due to the acidic nature of commonly consumed beverages.

UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS Catherine Quon and Stephanie Katajamaki


Catherine Quon from Korah C&VS received a
$1000 Admission Scholarship to Algoma University
for her analysis of how the concentration of
sucrose affects the rate of respiration by yeast.

Stephanie Katajamaki from Korah C&VS won a $1000
Admission Scholarship to the University of Ottawa
for her project which used potato slices and
hydrogen peroxide to demonstrate how surface
area affects the rate of catalase enzyme activity.


Some Other Award Winners...


Ava Angel (from Korah C&VS) receives the
HealthGear Medical Health & Safety Award
for an interesting project which related room
temperature to the quality of sleep.


Stephen Tan accepts the Gary Rahn Green Thinking
Award for his project "Green Oil", a chemical
investigation of metal oxide catalysts in the quest
for a more environmentally friendly type of oil.


Victoria Talvitie compared brand-name vs generic
Ibuprofen products in tablet and gel capsule forms,
and she was rewarded with the prestigious
Attilio Berdusco Health Science Award.


Kayla Kletke (from Tarentorus) won the special
Judges' Award for Individual Merit for "Tooth Decay"
after carrying its tricky two-person presentation
all alone on Science Fair day.


Kaydee Brown (Superior Heights) won the Ted Rogers
Innovation Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation.
Her project demonstrated the praticality of NFC
(near-field communication) tags for tracking
lost children and missing individuals.
(Kaydee also took home one of two awards from
the Professional Engineers of Ontario.)


The Superior Digital Solutions Mathematics Award
went to Liam Spacek (from Ecole Notre-Dame).
His analytic project "Phosphates in the Great Lakes"
estimated total phosphate loading based on
local sources and contributions.


Kendra Lacasse and Rachel Reed (of Superior Heights fame) won
First Place Intermediate for an experiment to determine whether
natural sugars affect the heart in the same way that refined
sugars do.  They found that, although the two are similar,
refined sugars are usually delivered in a way that causes
"negative health consequences" Darn! whereas the
various fruits have additional beneficial nutrients.

A Half-Dozen Other Projects That Deserve a Look...

image       image       image
image       image       image

  • Total of 49 Projects:
  • 33 Junior (Grades 7-8)
  •   1 Intermediate (Grades 9-10)
  • 15 Senior (Grades 11-12)

  • Total of 75 Students:
  • 56 Junior
  •   2 Intermediate
  • 17 Senior

  • 12 Schools represented
  • (4 are new to our Science Fair)
  • 27 Judges
    (local scientists and
    technical professionals)

  • 2 Projects (4 Students) are able
    to go to the 2019 CWSF
  • image

    Oddity:  We had TWO project teams from two different schools with names Kiera and Lily.
    One team didn't show up.  The other pair walked off with Best-of-Fair.

    The Alfred R. Askin Shields are awarded to the school having the
    best participation and scholarship excellence in each division.

    Some of this year's Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Junior):  Boreal French Immersion.
    Superior Heights is this year's
    Alfred R. Askin Shield Award
    Winner for Intermediate.
    Rotary International exchange
    student Deborah Daumand
    (who happened to attend there)
    accepts on behalf of the school.
    Deborah is visiting from France.
    Some of the Alfred R. Askin Shield Award Winners (Senior):  Korah Collegiate & Vocational School.
    The complete set of senior award winners from Korah Collegiate & Vocational School.

    On to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, New Brunswick...

    Lily Mick & Kiera Pauze-Reid (left) and Ellery Bowman & Leah Johnstone (right)
    compete side-by-side at the 2019 Canada-Wide Science Fair.
    (Photos by Kris Oliverio)
    Lily & Kiera Finalists at the CWSF!
    Leah & Ellie and Lily & Kiera on campus
    at the University of New Brunswick.
    Enjoying a day trip to the Fundy Trail Parkway.

    And finally in case anyone ever wonders THIS is why WE do Science Fair...

    Lily & Kiera - Moment of Winning Best-of-Fair
    Lily & Kiera win Best-of-Fair
    (Video by Cheryl Link)

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