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Professional Accomplishments

Regular Employment
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    • Private sector (Software training)
      • Designed and taught software & hardware courses for a large mini-computer vendor.
      • Developed training aids, various demo programs, and a multi-user text editor program.
      • Trained & assisted co-op students on their work terms.
    • Private sector (Software development banking & retail)
      • Helped supervise and train co-op students on their work terms.
      • Performed system & quality-assurance testing on one of Canada's first on-line teller systems, and wrote the systems support guide for it.
      • Wrote a few system utilities and worked on system plug-ins for applications packages.
      • Programmed electronic point-of-sale cash registers, developed interfaces for them, and trained retail staff.
    • Private sector (Hospitality)
      • Wrote system utilities and operating system plug-ins for applications packages.
      • Developed & maintained a restaurant point-of-sale system.
      • Developed & maintained telephone call accounting system interfaces.
      • Designed & implemented print spoolers, communications interface drivers, and various system interfaces.
      • Installed hotel computer systems, trained management & staff, and provided on-call support for these installations.
    • Private sector (Broadcasting)
      • Worked as on-air broadcast technician (operator) at a popular Toronto radio station, and did the final production mixes on a few of their public affairs programs.

    Data Conversions & Warehousing
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    • Government sector (Natural Resources Forest inventory)
      • Conversion of licence & registration data and population of database for "live" system.
      • Warehousing of expired and non-current licence & registration data into a parallel archive database.
    • Government sector (Lottery)
      • Conversion of existing mainframe payroll database to on-line PC-based application.
      • Developed prototype interface utilities and wrote system documentation, user guides, and procedure manuals for them.
    • Government sector (Education)
      • Converted an existing unsupported Accounts Payable & General Ledger database to a current product (ACCPAC).
    • Private sector (Miscellaneous)
      • Created a job skills database for a high-end recruitment ("headhunter") company.
      • Converted hospitality, retail, and accounting & payroll applications from a mini-based system to PC-based networks.
      • Co-developed a cost maintenance package for a local automotive shop.

    Consulting Work
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    • Government sector (Lottery)
      • Human Resources Infrastructure Project Helped plot the course for future development, including analysis of existing problems, cost-benefit analysis of proposed solutions, and writing significant portions of the Final Project Report.
    • Government sector (Education)
      • Helped establish a "SMART" Lab for high school students so they could learn AutoCad, multimedia software, and robotics.
    • International sector (Space science)
      • Project science team member and webmaster in research studies for the European Space Agency (ESA).
    • Private sector (Forest inventory)
      • Researched capabilities & potential for a proposed GPS-based asset tracking package for a GPS vendor.
    • Private sector (Wildlife)
      • Data modelling & analysis in support of product development for wildlife research & tracking.
    • Private sector (Broadcasting)
      • Designed a "remote broadcast" facility for a Toronto professional hockey franchise owner.
    • Community sector (Broadcasting)
      • Served as advisor during the successful start-up of a commercial FM community radio station in Kelowna BC.
      • Served on the Board of Directors (as advisor) during the attempted start-up of a non-commercial FM community radio station in Sault Ste Marie ON, and developed their web site.
    • Community sector (Publishing)
      • Taught a few seminars on self-publishing.
      • Provided assistance to several local authors on the process of self-publishing.
    • Non-profit sector (Internet)
      • One of many who contribute time to an organization that designs, builds, tests, and debugs a popular Internet web browser and email program.

    Other Major Accomplishments
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    • Co-author of the ANSI language standard for PL/B (formerly known as DATABUS).
      • Served as a member of X3J15, the ANSI technical commitee that developed the standard.
      • Held the position of Vocabulary Officer (responsible for proper & precise wording).
      • Invented verbs and list controls for the PL/B language.
    • Contributor to The American National Standard Dictionary for Information Systems

    Awards and Special Honours
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    • Rotary Club of Sault Ste Marie in recognition of service to Algoma Rotary Science Fair (2008).
    • Valedictorian Western Technical-Commercial School, Toronto (1971).
    • KIWANIS Club of Toronto Award of Merit for my involvement as founder and 3-year term as managing editor of my high school's weekly newspaper (1971).
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