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Professional Profile

Dan Pernokis is President here at P & M Technologies.  He has been a software professional for well over 35 years, with work in industry, private enterprise, government, research, academia, and non-profit organizations.

A Broad Spectrum of Technical Expertise

Dan's fields of expertise include hospitality, reservations, point-of-sale, telephone systems, property management, A/R, A/P, G/L, inventory, payroll, HR/HRIS, and forms design.  He has experience with on-line banking, robotics, GPS/GIS, image processing, multimedia authoring, and database work.

Dan enjoys the challenge of working with new technologies, mastering most of them quite quickly.  His eclectic background includes a bachelor's degree in earth sciences, with interests in astronomy, natural science, and aviation & space.  In addition, he has eight years' experience in professional broadcasting in Toronto and he has done some audio-visual production work.  His latest projects have been in web design, digital & stock photography, and book publishing.  Recently he has worked on research projects for the European Space Agency (ESA), and he presently contributes time to Mozilla projects like Firefox and Thunderbird.

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