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Professional Profile

Dan Pernokis is President here at P & M Technologies.  He has been a software professional for well over 35 years, with work in industry, private enterprise, government, research, academia, and non-profit organizations.

A Broad Spectrum of Technical Expertise

Dan's fields of expertise include hospitality, reservations, point-of-sale, telephone systems, property management, A/R, A/P, G/L, inventory, payroll, HR/HRIS, and forms design.  He has experience with on-line banking, robotics, GPS/GIS, image processing, multimedia authoring, and database work.

Dan enjoys the challenge of working with new technologies, mastering most of them quite quickly.  His eclectic background includes a bachelor's degree in earth sciences, with interests in astronomy, natural science, and aviation & space.  In addition, he has eight years' experience in professional broadcasting in Toronto and he has done some audio-visual production work.  His latest projects have been in web design, digital & stock photography, and book publishing.  Recently he has worked on research projects for the European Space Agency (ESA), and he presently contributes time to Mozilla projects like Firefox and Thunderbird and helps to administer judging for our local Rotary Science Fair.

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